Faint lines 3 days in a row...?


Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with consistent faint lines after a few days after a misscarriage.

I misscarried with D&C in November at 13 weeks (blighted ovum) and my first period came after 7 weeks. We actually put the baby planing on hold for now for personal reasons but I seem to be pregnant again. (First cycle after)

I already have a child and know what to look out for. I also show right away with every attempt. So my period now is 2 days late and I tested the last 3 days but keep getting only fainted lines. Not too fainted so I am not sure, they are definitly there just not as dark as I would expect after a couple days after a missed period. There is still the option that my cycle is still really off after the D&C but I have a bump and pee a lot like I had with my last two pregnancies. So I’m pretty certain something is up. BUT does anyone know for sure how long Hcg levels are present in Urin after a D&C/misscarriage? I get different answers from google and I refuse to see a doctor that early as my last pregnancy was all about doctors appointments, bloodiest and ultrasounds. Really devastating. If pregnant I’m not planing on see a doctor before 10 weeks.

Just trying to figure out if this can be normal in the early weeks. I should be 4+2 today I reckon.

Thanks for any answers. XX