Highly Irritated

For some time I have been feeling off. I keep shrugging it off but now I feel something is up. Me and my bf have been together for close to 2 years. He gave me the keys to his apt within the first 6 months. I came over today to wait for a repair man to fix his kitchen door. Im sick and so I wanted to relax and watch tv through the PS3. His PS3 is connected to his ipads hotspot. The last time the ipad wasnt connected and he told to me to use my phone hotspot but when I tried it said my signal was too weak due to sprint crappy service. So I came over and for the last 30 minutes ive been trying to connect my hotspot. It keeps giving me the same message “signal too weak”. I send him the screen shot and he is telling me I am doing it wrong. I tell him whats the password for the ipad so I can fix the hotspot. He then says “it sometimes doesnt work for me anyway”. Pretty much avoiding my question. I then tell him. You give me the keys to your apartment, you give me your social but you wont give me the password to the ipad? All a chick wants to do while I wait here for 5 hours is relax and watch some tv instead of holding my damn phone all day.

Ladies seriously would you be pissed? I now feel he is hiding something and obviously he doesnt want me to know his password. He leaves it at home everyday and knows I have access to his apartment. Sometimes I think he thinks I am dumb and dont notice things. Like okay you make me feel comfy and like you are not doing anything by giving me the keys and saying come over whenever but then things like this happen... all over a damn ipad.

He knows my passwords but I dont know his for any of his devices.

Update: he is completely avoiding giving me his password and now I am pissed. Now he is blaming me for taking it to another level with the whole password bullshit. I asked him what he is hiding. Why he doesnt want me to have access when you give me access to everything else. How serious can it be that I can’t even reset a fucking hotspot on the ipad?

Update #2: At this point he isnt budging. I have no clue how to go about all of this. Once I go back home, he will come home delete everything and then try to show me look there is nothing to see. But the bigger issue was that this didnt start because I wanted to see shit in his ipad. I just wanted to connect the hotspot. Now I am sitting here on my phone for the next couple of hours. I told myself I would not be a fool. He is obviously hiding something.