So in love 🥰😭

Myka • 21 with the cutest little girl ever! And a loving boyfriend that imma make my husband 😉😂

I’m exactly 20 weeks today! My bump is barely coming in. I know I look pretty big in this pic, but it’s my bump and bloat. I thought bloat would be over by now, but it’s so not lol. I have felt this little girl kick!! I felt her first real kick about two days ago. This morning they are strong and actually surprise me lol. I can’t wait until my boyfriend gets to feel it & see it. She’s great at hiding and only poking out on whatever day she chooses. She’s a morning bird, which is a big surprise bc I know a lot of women’s babies are awake at night in the womb and still are after birth. How wild it all is! Still no name for her tho, I haven’t fell in love with any. My baby shower is May 19 and I really need a name by then so I can put it on decorations. I’m hoping the name will just come to me bc so far I’ve been digging through google for weeks now. I’m gonna try books, radio pod casts and whatever I can to find her perfect name. :( who knew naming would be so hard? Not meeee 🤣💗