Today is our anniversary


My husband and I have been married 2 years today... I get a call from him telling me it's ignorant that he doesn't have "his" car to sit in at work because I had to use it to take my niece to the doctor, then he starts talking about how my parents never had any money to buy me a car or I would have one and take in mind I had a brand new 2016 Ford fusion that he sold to his parents after they tried to take it from me for months prior to this... his papaw put a lein on our car because "they're scared he will trade it in or sell it" but I believe they done it so if something happened between us I had no way to fight for it because we have split up before and they helped him drain our bank account & leave me with no money, took my phone and my car and I fought him in court for everything he had done.

I love this man and some days we do wonderful but he does nothing but disrespect me and belittles me.. he makes me feel like I'm garbage and I'm worthless, I just don't get how you can say you love someone but never actually prove it? It's hard to stay somewhere where you don't feel wanted or even needed at times, my heart aches so bad and I'm so sick of the heartache, stress, and disrespect I receive on an almost day to day basis... something has GOT to give and I'm lost at what to do anymore, I've tried everything I know to do and I've begged him to change and grow up but something is telling me in the back of my head that you can't change someone who doesn't want to change..

Any suggestions?