Questioning sexuality? Help pls!


So, I’ve considered myself les for a while now, girls are beautiful, and for a time, guys were repulsing to me, the idea of a boy was nothing but platonic. Recently I’ve seen boys and I’m like omg he’s cute as heck. So, if I can find a boy cute, does that mean I’m attracted to him? That’s just messes up my whole brain. And what are signs that you like a girl like really really like her because I have a close friend that I’ve known basically my whole life, we grew up together and I recently started having feelings for her. I’ve never seen her as pretty, but my god, is she beautiful. She couldn’t have always been this pretty and her personality is the best, and she nice calming laugh, and she can play basketball better than me, which she thinks I like basketball but I don’t, I just get to ask her how to play, and for her to teach me, and when she plays basketball, she’s soo hot. Does it sound like I like her?