21+4 and leaking everywhere!!!😩

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So... laying in bed and can’t sleep because the princess inside me doesn’t want me to sleep is doing some somersault practice..🙄🤣😍

In the darkness I feel something run down my breast and I thought it was a spider 🕷 😳😩... I brush it off and my hands are soaked, and I feel both my arm pits are wet... Ya’ll both my breasts literally squeezed out a load of milk at the same time!!!🙄😱🤣🙈... Like, I have wet patches on my sheets now 😭... I don’t normally sleep in a bra but I’m gona put one on and put some breast pads in that I have... Has this happened to anyone else so soon or is this normal?? (haven’t done this or gotten this far in pregnancy for 15yrs🙈🤣)

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