My Nana (need to vent)


So me and my husband have finally agreed on a name for our son who is due in May, his name will be Braxton Avery Oneal. I was on the phone with my Nana and I told her what we decided on and she said she didn't like it and "that if you name him that he's gonna get bullied in school."

She then starts trying to rename our baby and saying that we should name him after his dad or someone else or let her think of something. My husband and I are both against naming our kids after anyone else. I tried to tell her that but she just blew me off. The conversation didn't last much after that and now I'm kinda irritated by it. I put a lot of thought when it comes to naming our kids and it kinda hurt my feelings a bit. I can understand her not really liking the name, not everyone likes the same kind of names as I do, but to say he was going to get bullied and to ignore me after is what really bothered me. Is it really that bad of a name or is she just going overboard?