Bladder-1 Me-0


Possible TMI lol Being 34+3 I’m used to having pressure on my bladder these days. She loves to hug it swear lol Normally, the most that happens is I cough or sneeze and just a tiny bit of pee’s to be expected. But THIS time.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I decided to bake a dessert this evening and had to get a few items out of the lazy suzan. While squatting down and searching for said items, I felt a sneeze come out of nowhere. Well..that sneeze caused me to completely pee myself!😳How embarrassing!! Thankfully hubby wasn’t home or he would’ve laughed so hard😂 I struggled to hold it and run to the bathroom. Lesson learned? Do not mix a squat and a sneeze unless you want a mess to clean up 🤣