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So my boyfriend and i have been making plans to hangout scene last week that we would hangout this weekend because this weekend would be our only days off for us to be together before he leaves. He’s going to mexico on the 22nd and he won’t be back till the 8th of march. and i really want to be with him and he agreed we would. so on friday he told me that his co-works invited him out before he leaves. and he told just told me today that he will be with his friends. i got upset because we had already made plans scene last week and he knew this weekend would be my only days to spend with him before he leaves and i can’t be with him next week bc i work all next week and so does he. i got mad because he blew me off to hang with his friends but apparently he doesn’t see anything wrong with that......... so is it just me or he’s wrong for that ??????