My husband did a thing 😭


this past Wednesday I lost my job. my husband works full time as a welder on the weekends friday-sunday 12 hour shifts. he took a second job at a local subway during the week. but it's not bringing in as much as it needs to. I've been searching for a job and he messages an hour before his subway shift ended and says "dont worry about finding a job. subway isnt going to be enough so I'm going to get a warehouse job fulltime during the week." I cried bc my symptoms have been getting progressively worse. I told him I didnt want to do that bc I'd feel guilty but his response "you suffered enough stress, between your symptoms, multiple miscarriages, and your mental health disorders. all I expect from you is to make sure the kids are fed, dressed, bathed, and the house is cleaned." he came home and I bawled my eyes out to point of making myself sick bc hes so sweet 😭😭😭😭