Loss in the middle of the night

Kristin • Me 2 we 04/27/08💏 We 2 3 10/16/11👨‍👩‍👧 Lost 4 02/19👼🏻 Rainbow baby🌈👶🏼5/14/20

Woke up this morning to blood. I didn’t wanna believe it so I went to the bathroom and my fears were confirmed. Bright red blood. I had no symptoms. Nothing. I made it to the ER and the had me give blood and do two ultrasounds. They could see the sac but there was a lot of blood around it. After the transvaginal ultrasound I started passing clots. OB on call did a pelvic exam and confirmed my cervix had opened. They provided me pills to help pass the tissues. I’m so lost. My whole family is devastated. My seven year old is just curious and asking questions and I can’t stop crying enough to answer them. My animals won’t leave my side. I just hurt really bad. I believe after my nap this afternoon I passed the tissues. I went to the bathroom and I felt a little splash as I was peeing. The bowel was just full of blood. I’m so exhausted. Im gonna go change my pad. I hate this.

UPDATE: I passed the tissue by myself at home. When I went to the doctor the next day my hCg levels had dropped to 1000 from the 7000 a day prior. I do feel better physically. But I’m still not sure about mentally.