Booking Appointment (UK)


Hi Everyone,

I wondered if anyone could give some advise on what should normally happen at the initial appointment with the midwife (booking appointment).

I booked at Christmas time and could only get one for yesterday, at 12 weeks 4 days. She was very nice, but I left and have since been chatting to a couple of friends who have had children and they seemed surprised that I didn't have bloods taken, blood pressure, weight or urine checked for protein. I also don't have anything paperwork-wise but a generic information book, no notes or plan of care or anything.

She also said she'd rush the 12 week scan appointment as we weren't given a date for that either.

I've called this morning and left a message with the midwife office just to ask if I should be going to the GP or nurse for these checks, but I would have thought that all that should be checked initially as a baseline for future tests and checks? It even says that in the big generic book she gave me.

Has anyone else experienced the process this way?

I'm in the West of Scotland if that helps at all.

Thanks for any advice!