Proof that HPTs can be evil 👹


So today I am on CD 28...15dpo according to FF and 12dpo according to Glow... I didn't use opks..regretting that now.. most people who have viewed my charts think that I ovulated on CD 16.

So anyway today my temp dropped, below the cover line on glow but still above on it FF... the usual ttc confusion.

My cervix was high soft and closed, last night was high soft and open, this afternoon...very high soft and medium to closed. Yesterday I had iron smelling cm, today only normal creamy cm.

I can predict how today and tmrw can unfold, get my hopes up and then get disappointed and then excited about MAYBE next month.

So...the HPTs (all from the same urine, afternoon).... as u can see I have a colour run positive, a maybe positive and BFNs.

The Joy's of TTC 🤪

Sending Baby Dust and positive vibes x