Me and my boyfriend have known each other for about 15 years, I took even his virginity but he didn't take mine πŸ’”

I was playing hard to get as we are growing up and I finally gave into him last year around this time. We have became very consistent with our realtionship by building trust and HAVING A LOT OF SEX.

He is a Scorpio and I am a Leo.

He is the water to my fire and I am the fire to his water πŸ–€

I am really into zodiacs and astrology I have realized that Leos are very compatible with Scorpios

Yes the Scorpio signed is labeled as a sexually active freak, sneaky , conservative, and trustworthy.

Any who Leos are still the shit, if you don't like us is because you can't handle the real shit life brings to usπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

While being with my charming Scorpio, we bump heads but we also bump beds πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Recently he gave me about $50 to either buy some lingerie or a vibrator that I have been begging for forever!

I decided to buy I a little kit that came with a bullet, ring vibrator and a 3 or 4 " dildo vibrator.

The vibrator was pretty stretchy so he got real creating and put the ring around his penis while I was using the bullet TRIPLE ACTION

A Vibrator

A Bullet


Having creative tantric sex allows you and your partner to open up to each other while learning how to become more Intimate and passionate with one another.

You will not be able to have "tantric" sex with hurt anyone you and your mate have to have a strong stable connection with each other. Letting just anyone enter your body to distribute energy Into eachother can't lead to a very emotional and toxic experience within yourself and possibly with your mate as well.

Once you have found your soul mate give tantric sex a try, learn your gspots and learn what makes him happy and gets him arroused.

Alot of people say they will not participate in certain sexual activities because they think they are too over the top or they might make them feel uncomfortable.

Trust yourself and your body, your body and your vagina will let you know if what you are doing is right or wrong.

Meanwhile, make sure you have AA & AAA batteries to build those vagina muscles up and learn how to activate your squirting senses and extreme stress releasing organsims πŸ–€