Should I give him space or give up and move on?

I had been dating (yet not officially or exclusively) this guy who I really liked for about four months. We never had an exclusivity talk (although I tried twice- he said he wanted to take things slow and as far as exclusivity goes, only said that he got logged out of tinder after not using it for a bit but never explicitly said that he wanted neither of us to see other people). I was superliked by a guy who goes to his college (we don't go to the same one), I responded to his message out of curiosity, we ended up texting, and the conversation was completely benign and friendly- no flirting, intention to hook up, date, nothing.

I didn't tell the guy I had been dating because I really didn't think it was a big deal- he ended up finding out from a friend at college (extremely small school) and is extremely upset and said he lost almost all of his trust for me and that he misinterpreted what things were between us. I apologized incessantly and was honest as humanly possible, I did and said everything I could.

He told me it's been really shitty for him because people have been talking about how "his girl was talking to another guy from his school on Tinder" at school. So obviously he's embarrassed and upset.

We've talked for a few hours on the phone two nights ago and he said that while he did like me, he now isn't sure that he wants to go through building trust back up for me and he basically said he's done right now.

I panicked and told him I felt like we had 3 options- either to cut things off, to work on things, or to take a set break/space and then revisit in a bit. He said his phone was dying and if those were the only 3 options he was getting then we should just cut things off.

I told him I didn't want to make him make a hasty decision especially because he's still extremely upset and it's only been less than a week since this all happened, and I told him to text me the next day if that's still the case and he wants to still cut things off.

I haven't heard from him (was supposed to last night) but I did text him yesterday morning and apologize for demanding a final answer in a time where he's still upset, and that I'm extremely busy and not in the right state of mind to make a final decision either. He read it but didn't respond.

I'm not sure if he didn't respond because he is second guessing making a final decision and cutting it off right now, or because he's just 100% done (but why wouldn't he just say so?)

I feel like I have two options: I can either begin to move on and leave this all behind or I can wait a week or two and send him one more final message to see where we stand and if the space has allowed him to think more clearly. I obviously don't want to move on but I also don't want to make a fool out of myself and seem like I'm begging- but I also want the peace of, in a few weeks, knowing where he officially stands after being a bit further removed from the immediacy of the situation.

I don't want to reduce myself to seem like a beggar but also don't want to let things go without finding out whether or not he's going to change his mind.

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