OMG, still in shock!!

Angel • My Husband and I have been married since Jan 15, 2015. We are pregnant with our 3rd and last baby (2nd together). We have a 3 year old daughter a 16 year old daughter from a pervious relationship and he has a 14 year old daughter from a pervious relations

I cannot believe it took this morning and it's a BFP. 2 days late! It is still so surreal, my husband and I stopped using bc the first part of November. We didn't really try in December and then January we decided to start testing with OPK. Got my postive on CD19 which was Jan 27th so we BD'd twice that day. Then on CD21 which was Jan 29th I had some pinkish spotting which only lasted really that day. Then on CD28 which was Feb 5th I noticed some bleeding. Not a lot but it was there. Totally thought I was out this month. Haven't really had much other symptoms, other than really veiney boobs. So goes to show never give up it only takes that one time.

Good luck and baby dust to all!!