I just need to vent!!


So my husband is getting on my nerves yesterday & today. Yesterday went to the supermarket and he was looking at a lady, the thing that gets me is she literally was poping in every isle we where. He smirked at her and i saw him. I told him lets go and see that lady and he was brushing me off as if he knew her. Well he didnt want to walk with me in the store after i asked him lol??!! That got me super furious so of course i flipped the bitchy button and made him walk with me. Well today he is looking for places to move im sitting right next to him looking at his phone, he looks on the the side of his eye and changes the page. Well what im getting to is HE LITERALLY SAID TO ME THAT YESYERDAY'S THING AT THE SUPERMARKET NEVER HAPPENED AND TODAY THE PHONE THING NEVER HAPPENED. THAT IM CRAZY AND I NEED MENTAL HELP, THAT IM MAKING THINGS UP! Then he comes all sweet that he wants to talk to me. Vent off!!