Living in the hospital


Im 25.4 weeks pregnant.

As of this morning, I am officially dilated a 4. Not even a tight 4, a very loose 4. 80% effaced. Baby A is also breech now, which is comforting and also scary all together. Hes putting less pressure on my cervix, but if they decide to come within the next week and he hasn't moved, I will be getting an emergency c-section. I will not be going home till these babies are born. Which I am fine with because of how scary this is really becoming. If I were to go home my babies could die. That's the harsh reality.

Dr says that he predicts I will have babies within the next week. He said this last week also, but I've also changed since then.. He says labor will come and when it does, it will come FAST. So now I'm just gonna sit in my room and wait to go into labor at this point and hope that these babies stay in.