HELP! Mirena IUD



I had made a post on being late on my period and it seriously got to me.

My last period was on the 10th of December 2018

52 days later I get my period and now I’m 13 days in. My period won’t stop, the bleeding is decreasing and somehow when I think it’s slowing down it comes in heavier! Has someone had this experience with any IUD?

Anyone have a clue what might be happening to me?

I’ve been feeling super dizzy, headaches, nauseated, out of breath, and my chest tightening like if I’m going to die. I’m not exaggerating.

Anyone go thru this?

Is this my body rejecting the IUD?

Does this mean I’m not in the IUD Club?

The joke aside, I need answers.

Let me know if this happened to you or anyone you know.

OH and YES I have an appointment ready for me on Monday the 18th.

Thank you!