ovulation after miscarriage ?

when i found out i was pregnant i was 3.5 weeks. that was in december. i ended up miscarrying a couple days later. i went to the doctor and it was natural so no d/c was needed. i got af a day after my original expected date. i bled for 6 days. we where told to wait a full cycle. so i got my period january 1st- january 6th. we ttc after af but got my period january 29th.

i noticed after my first cycle after my miscarriage that i had a lot of ewcm from about 3 days after af showed up until about 10dpo. then i had thick and creamy cm for about two days. another bout of ewcm and then af. i noticed that my cycle went from a 25 day cycle to a 28 day cycle. i also noticed glow put my fertile window starting about 3-4 days after af finished. with this cycle i noticed i had a lot of ewcm day 4 and 5 after af but then it went right into a milky creamy. is that normal ? glow predicted i ovulated yesterday but i just feel it’s weird. hubby is working crazy hours so we haven’t been able to bd within this fertile window.