Getting back on track


A couple of years ago I went on a retreat to improve my health and improve my chances of getting pregnant. I learnt about eating properly and got some good habits installed.

And a year later I was pregnant. With 9mth morning sickness and diabetes. Which destroyed all my good habits.

I now have a great three month old boy and I want to eat everything- it all tastes great now that it stays down.

I’m starting to gain weight and since I can no longer go for long bike rides to burn it off (and he doesn’t nap), I need to start focusing again.

I’m writing this here to hold myself accountable. Especially since I want to eat another sandwich right now - they taste so good 😊

Wish me luck and feel free to join me. I’ll post updates

Week 1 - not successful as I hoped. However tomorrow is another fresh start and there is no more junk food in the house cause I ate it all.