This week I found out I'm a lot stronger than I ever thought I was

It has officially been a month since I blocked my abusive ex! This week my state got the worst snow storm they've had in like 50 years, and not once did I rely on my ex to help me. I am in this state by myself with no friends because of him, but I made sure to stock up on food and just chilled in my apartment. I am having my car towed to get looked at and running again and so damn proud not once did I reach out to him. This is my first snow storm so it was a bit scary. Been attending codependent phone meetings everyday and it has helped wake me the fuck up and made me start working on myself. Valentines Day is coming up, but this is the best one yet cause I'm spending it with myself. Being with him made me so numb to where I was with him 24/7 and thought that was normal, so this has truly been refreshing. He told me if I go out without him I'll get raped, and I have finally worked past that fear. He cannot hurt me anymore of play kind games and control me, I am beyond strong and can take care of myself. If anyone else is going through the same thing, sis, you got this be strong

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