Thought it was false labor...

Sj • First time mama to be 👶🏼 due Feb 14💙

I was due 2/14. Started having non regular contractions around 3:30 on Monday afternoon of the 11th..continued all night long but didn’t think they were painful or regular enough to be actual contractions. My husband tried to tell me differently but i guess i didnt want to get my hopes up. Around 12:30 that night my water the time i got to the hospital around 1:30am i was 9 cm and they didnt even have time to admit me before baby was born at 2:47 am.

My “birth plan” was to get to the hospital asap when labor started so I could get an epidural and whatever else they had for pain management. But things don’t always go as planned! No epidural or any other form of pain management..and i wouldn’t change it for the world💙

Baby boy Paxton

7.1 lbs

20 inches