My husband just said the cruelest thing...

Dev • ⭐️Diagnosed with bicornuate uterus and possibly both blocked tubes. 🤞🏼 Miraculously pregnant with first, due August 2020!❤️

We recently moved in with my mom while we search for a house in the area she lives in. It’s a temporary thing and my mom has been nothing but generous, including given him a job with her husbands company. While she was never a huge part of my life, as she had severe mood disorders and alcoholism issues, she’s since tried to make things better and has come a long way.

Side note:

I recently found out that I have a bicornuate uterus and two blocked tubes and was devastated as several doctors since have confirmed that my ability to even become pregnant is unlikely, let alone carry a child full term. So, obviously I have been upset.

My husband is supportive, but not quite ready for kids, which is fine. We have all the time in the world. But after tonight, when I got into an argument with my mom over parenting of my much younger sister (she’s 11 and openly says the F word, watches R rated programs, has some problematic behaviors, etc) he decided to take my moms side in the argument. Again, this is fine.

However, once we were in our room, he decides to say, “You know, sometimes you just have to be the bigger person.” I argued that my sister needed a better influence in her life since my mom is not exactly maternal (and he didn’t have the best mom either... our mothers are actually VERY similar...)


THEN he goes: “You should get to have a kid, then you would know how much you suck.”

I didn’t even cry, he just turned over and went to sleep. My first instinct was to be angry, but then I thought, well, even if we were able to conceive, at this point do I even WANT to raise a child with HIM?

Maybe I’m being dramatic... but it was definitely heartless and thoughtless of him to say something so insensitive in an uncalled for way.

I honestly don’t even know how to have a conversation about this later, tomorrow. I’m shook.