Okay valentines I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

Okay so me and my SO have been together off and on for a year and 10 months, we had to grow up fast cause we got pregnant less in month of being together. Not smart I know, but our baby is a blessing and a MIRACLE.

Anyways we don’t celebrate any holidays together. I always celebrate them with our child tho. I really didn’t care about getting anything for Valentine’s Day. I just wanted a cute paragraph or something. I wrote him how I felt cause I don’t always express my love for him. But today after work he messages me, saying he loves me and his feelings are true however sometimes he asks himself “why am I still with her?” That kinda hurt... I expected something sweet. Ya know? He went on to say that he still wants to be with me, but I’m moving to fast in our relationship.

Okay, he’s the one who brought up marriage and us getting a place soon...

I do understand how he could be confused with us being together cause I’ve said some really messed up things to him. That no man would put up with.

However I haven’t cheated, I thought we were doing good. I’ve been staying with him every weekend or every chance that I’m off work since I’ve started working again back in January.

I’m deeply in love with this man and I know he loves me. I just wish he watched what he say if I’m moving too fast or he’s not sure about me...

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!