Finally Realized

After Almost 5 Years Of Being With “The Love Of My Life” & Us Going Thru Many Many Storms ! I FINALLY Realized I Lost My Self-Worth , My Self-Conscious , Myself Period !! I Wasn’t The Same Person Anymore ! At First I Didn’t See It ! Everybody Kept Telling Me I Changed & Wasn’t The Same Anymore & I Kept Telling Myself Oh I’m Jus Maturing & Being More Serious ! Always Trying To Make Excuses For My “Change” ! Soon As We Got Together We Were Constantly Together 24/7 ! We Both Did Things To Each Other At The Beginning Of Our Relationship But Worked Past That ! More & More Into Our Relationship I Was ALWAYS Getting Accused Of Cheating Or “Almost” Cheating Smh ! Any Little Thing I Did Such As Look A Man In The Eyes Wen I Talk To Him Or As Much As Look Directly At Them While Talking To Them I Got Called Out My Name But It Was Okay Wen He Did It To Other Females ! I’m Never Allowed Girl Time Or Time To Myself But He Went Out Wenever He Wanted While I’m Stuck At Home With OUR KIDS !!! I Got Abused , Cheated On Physically , Mentally & Emotionally More Then Once ! Treated Like Shit Wen I Did Nothing Wrong ! Constantly Got Called Out My Name Because He Was Having A Bad Day ! Tried Being His Support System MILLIONS of Times But Got Turn Down & Cussed Out N Told To Leave Him Tf Alone But Turn Around He’s Laughing & Having Conversations With His Friends Like Everything Is Jus Fine ! Pretty Much Everything His Ex’s Did To Him I Get Accused Of Doing It Too Even Wen I Wasnt Doing Anything But Trying To Be There For Him ! Always Taking Him Back , Making Excuses For Him Wen I Had Mark! We’re On The Verge Of Breaking Up Now , Well Were Pretty Much Broken Up But Still Living Together For Now 🙄 & He Still Always Wants Me To Be Sexual With Him But Half The Time Doesn’t Even Talk To Me Or He’s Barley Ever Home !! 😒🙄✌️I Think This Break Up Might Be What We Both Need Cause I Need To Find Myself Again Line I Said The Old Me Wouldn’t Put Up With Half The Shit I Have From Him I Would’ve Been Gone Or Ready To Fight !! Lbvs ! But It’s Like You Can Tell We Still Have Love For Eachother !! It’s Very Hard To Even Shake The Fact That I’m Loosing Him Physically Mentally & Emotionally But I’ll Eventually Get Over It & Be Alright ! Please No Negativity I Jus Dont Have Any Friends Or Anything So I Figured If Share With You Lovely Ladies !

I Also Forgot To Add , I Feel Like A Prisoner In My Own Home 😭 I NEVER Get To Go Anywhere , I’m Constantly Stuck In The House With All The Kids By Myself ! When I Do Go Somewhere It’s Either To The Store Or Going To Do Something For Him ! & 9/10 I Gotta Take One Or More Of The Kids With Me But Wen He Leaves He Literally NEVER Takes Any Of Them Not Even One Smh !! I’ve Been Dealing With So Much For So Long ! My Family All Turned Their Backs On Me & Hate Me Because I Chose To Stay With Him So I Literally Have Nobody But My Mom & I Can’t Really Talk To Her About Much Cause I Jus Feel Like She Dont Understand Or She’s Jus Throwing Shots & Being Negative ! The Closest Person I Have Is My Best Friend / Sister & She Lives 3 & 1/2 Hours Away From Me 😭😭😭 We Do Talk Otp & Text All The Time Tho ! I Jus Really Need Some Women Who Understand What I’m Going Thru & Are Willing To Be A Friend Instead Of Being Negative ! Thanks In Advance ! It Really Means Alot! ❤️