I feel sickened.... Little rant..

Baby daddy at his finest 👌

I knew he lied. Just not this much.

I want him gone. Out if my life.. I never want to see him again..

But he never leaves me alone.

I need a protective order.. I know.

I want to keep our son away from him when he's born..

I don't want him to know when he's born.. and I don't feel guilty for that.

He's told me he would overdose on drugs if I left.. told me he'd kill himself.. told me he drove hours away and would never come back unless I took him back and stayed with him...

And you know what? I was stupid enough to fall for it. To fall for it all.

Shit, I was stupid to continue to talk to him and see him after I finally left his physical behavior.. him holding me down.. holding me hostage in a house.. I couldn't do anything.. I lost myself being with him.

He claims he loves me.. but how can you hurt the person you love?

How can you hurt that person so badly that they turn their love to hate almost over night.

I just feel stupid.. so.. stupid.