Valentines Day fail💔

Since today was Valentine’s Day I decided to try to spice things up with lingerie & body massages with my man. We actually had a conversation about how we should have sex in today because it has been a while and of course because it is Valentine’s Day.Our sex life is basically trash. We only have sex MAYBE once or twice a month if I’m lucky, which isn’t enough for me because I have a high sex drive & he only does things to please him. So I get home from work & I cook supper & while he’s walking the dogs I go to the bathroom & put on my lingerie under my clothes, that way I will be ready to “go” after we eat. So when we almost get done eating he starts complaining that he doesn’t feel well (he ALWAYS says this to get out of having sex with me ALWAYS🙄) so I just go to the bathroom & take it off & our on bed clothes because honestly I feel hurt & unattractive.. sorry I just needed to vent a little😩☹️