Induction frustration

I’m to be induced at 37 weeks, which falls on 2/23. My hospital doesn’t do weekend inductions, so my OB said 2/25 would be the day. Hubby was able to get 2/25-3/3 off work, but was told that they are sending him out of town 3/4 for up to 9 days.

We asked my OB if she’d be willing to induce 2/22. She didn’t know if she could make that happen because of hospital policy. She said she would try for 2/23 since it’s a medical reason, and she would call us to let us know if they accepted. It’s been three days and no word.

I just feel overwhelmed. I want her here safe and healthy. I want my husband to be able to enjoy time with her before his work takes him away for so long. I don’t know. I just feel stressed out.