Advice for teen parents ??

I was wondering if anyone had advice for teen parents. Me and my boyfriend are struggling being new parents. I am 17 and he just turned 18. At the moment I am living with my dad and he is living with his mother. I get no help from my family besides my mom who sends money down every couple of months because she lives out of state and my boyfriends family help as much as they can but they are also struggling with their own things at the moment. I had to switch to online school because I have to be home with my son because I am the only one able to watch him but I would much rather physically go to school, I also do not have a job because of the same reason so my boyfriend is the only one working. We do take care of everything such as diapers and wipes , I get him to and from his appointments and we’ve been able to get all of the things he needs, it just gets hard because we aren’t making enough to support all of us and I do have to move out of my parents home within the next 4-5 months.

Does anyone have any advice that would help us out. I want to be a good mother to my son and I try my hardest but sometimes I worry that We won’t be able to give him a good life because we had him so young.