Pill identification

Please no judgement.. my ex was a closet drug abuser and I didn’t find out until much later in the relationship so I’m super on guard when it comes to drug use. I found these little round blue pills in an Advil cold and sinus bottle in my current boyfriends bedside table. Obviously not Advil. No visible imprints on them at all. The bottle was labelled “superman” in sharpie. Any idea what they are? Thanks in advance


this photo might help, idk. This is the only marking I see on any of the pills (there’s only 11 in the bottle). I tried editing the photo as best I could to get a decent pic of the imprint. I’m worried these are benzos?


Just a quick update. I asked him about them when he got home last night. He genuinely laughed and said they were boner pills his brother gave him but said he just didnt have the balls to try them yet. He showed me proof and everything (called “superman” pills). I was super confused because this guy doesn’t even smoke weed and literally JUST passed a very in depth drug test a few days ago for a potential new employer. So I was very shocked when I found them. Thanks for the advice ladies, but this is just an example of how not to jump to conclusions like I did 😂