Don’t want to get attached again

I don’t want to get attached again

I don’t want to cry over someone again

I don’t want to feel this way again

I’m sad

I don’t want to get hurt

I don’t want to miss someone who doesn’t miss you

Think about someone who isn’t thinking about you

Cry over someone who doesn’t even care about you/would never cry over you

Doesn’t even care if you guys talk

I care😞

I’m over here sad thinking about you while you’re over there happy & content talking to & hanging out with other girls

I wish I had someone else.. but I dont😕

It’s hard to meet people unless I meet them online😞 I doubt I’m gonna find anyone soon, you already found people & were talking to other girls along with me

I want to get over you already..

I wish I could forget about you as easily as you forgot about me..