How Did You Meet Your S/O?

Really interested to know how you all met your S/Os....there’s so many crazy and different stories out there!!

I’ve been with my S/O for 2 years now, we met when I had just turned 16. Typical, we met at a party. We were both drunk. I remember seeing him and knowing I wanted him. We clicked and talked the whole night, I was a bit scared to make the first move.

We hung out the day after. And the weekend after that. And the weekend after that....for like 3 months. I was starting to wonder when he would make a move. Then he told me he hadn’t had his first kiss yet.

Fast forward a week after telling me that. we’re at another party, a little drunk, we kiss and I stay at his place. I wanted to go further but he told me I was too drunk, which was super respectful and that’s how I knew he was someone I wanted more than a ‘fling’ with.

2 years later we’re still together!

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