I feel taken advantage of.... Bastards


So for Valentine's I bought my hubby and I a "Clone a Willy" kit. $50 ladies.

We tried it out tonight and after carefully reading all of the directions and doing everything right we FAILED! MISERABLY!

I was so excited too!😩😩

It tells you that you have 2 minutes from getting him hard and into the mold before it sets but IT WAS DEFINITELY FASTER THAN TWO FUCKING MINUTES! The water temp was spot on, he was good to go, as soon as I started mixing it already started to harden. By the time I "tried" to get the mixture into the tube, which was not even 30 seconds, it was too late.

I don't care what anyone says even a dick made of the hardest steel couldn't push into that trap🤦

I totally feel ripped off right now with half a dick molding kit and no dick mold to make it with..

Anyone know why this happened? Or where I can find more of the powder to try to mold his Willy again so I can get my damn clone vibrator together?

I had my hopes too high for this😂😂