She’s here!


She’s here!!! February 13th around 2am I started having contractions 5 minutes apart, I waited them out until 4am and decided to go to the hospital. I had the membrane sweep earlier the day before. Got to the hospital was dilated to 3 but my contractions wasn’t close enough, they sent me home at 8am. Around 2pm the 13th I decided I couldn’t take pain no more and I went back to hospital I was now dilated to 5-6. They started me on antibiotics because I tested positive for a Group B and I could not have epidural until I had the antibiotics. By the time I finished with the antibiotics I was dilated to 8cm and screaming in pain, BACK LABOR is awful!!! I got the epidural around 11pm had to get an extra dosage because I was still in pain! At 4:30am February 14th her Due Date I decided it was time to push! 28 minutes of pushing the most painful thing in my life even with the epidural but it was all worth it!! Our Precious baby girl was born on her due date 2/14/19 at 5:08am weighing 7.8lb and 21 inches long🥰💕