Just need some advice !


I know this isn’t considering a faint test now but I had a question about progression.

So i just got my BFP a couple of days ago, I went to the doctors to get my blood work done yesterday because I figured I was around 5 weeks from my last period. They called me today and said my HCG level was at 13... and that would put me around 3 to 4 weeks pregnant. VERY early. Anyways, I got home and had a couple digitals sitting around so I took one after the appt. It read “not pregnant” and I figured that since my levels were so low. This morning I took another digital and it read pregnant! So of course my crazy self took a FRER rapid result because that was all I had.

The top two tests are the 6 days sooner and the bottom more clear positive is the rapid result. Do you think my levels maybe have doubled since yesterday if I’m getting positives on these tests? (Rapid result and digital) I know they require more HCG. FINGERS CROSSED. I have endo thats messing with my cycles, I just really want this to work out. 😩