Testimony! God is so good!


Car stopped accelerating as I was driving on the highway, an hour away from home, and at 1:30am in the morning.

Tried with AAA for two hours but nothing could get resolved, the lady made a huge mistake and they wanted to charge me $300.

Now 3:30am and I’m starting to get scared. It’s too late for family to come get me now. I asked God for strength and to please help me make it to safety. I slowly drove the car on the side of the highway 10mph for two miles with giant trucks next to me going 70mph. It was so nerve wrecking! It felt like an eternity.

Right around the corner off the exit was a nice hotel. I park the car there and make my way to the lobby to sit for a few hours and wait for family.

I explained what happened to the guy at the front desk and he offered me a room for the night for free!!!!! A $300 a night room! God is so amazing that he never left my side and used that wonderful gentleman to help me. God bless him so much. My family will come for me in the morning and I get to catch up on homework, listen to worship and drink some green tea.

No matter what circumstance you’re going through just know that God is always by your side. Call out to Jesus and he will be there for you in the most unexpected ways. Trust in Him, He is in control. I am just so thankful for tonight. Thank you Jesus that I’m safe.

God bless 💕