Anyone seriously detest their job? Tips for life....

I know a lot of people are struggling to find work but I’m getting resentful at the fact I have to work while I’m pregnant. It’s not an option for me not to.

I am a home health aid, I work with the elderly, and I have days where I just want to quit and give up. Its not that it’s hard, it’s mostly an easy job which I’m happy about. But wiping butts when my sense of smell is like a bloodhound isn’t ideal. I have to lift people and i hate doing it while I’m pregnant because I know I’m not supposed to. And I have bad anxiety when I’m pregnant and so I’m like not liking to have sit and talk long conversations with people at work. I

It’s hard for me to get out of bed to go every day. The only thing motivating me is if I quit I will put my family in financial turmoil and stress on my partner. I’m only doing about 25-30 hours a week per diem.

So anyways, we are moving on March 1st an hour away from where we are now. I have a new job lined up as a CNA in a facility but I’m looking for a completely different field. Anyone have any ideas or tips even with what helped you if you didn’t want to get out of bed?