Breaking a bed sharing habit


Okay, so we’re about 3 weeks into a phase or whatever is going on with our daughter. She has been a great sleeper since day 1. We have a good routine. It’s been great. We moved her to her own room in her crib over Christmas. The transition was fine. There were a few times she would still wake up after she’s spit out her paci. We’d give it back to her and she’s go back to sleep. The last 3 weeks, not so much. It started with her waking up half way through the night (like 1-2am) screaming bloody murder. She would never calm back down and we both work 40+ so she would be brought to our bed where we would then sleep like crap but she would go back to sleep. It’s gotten worse to where she only sleeps through the night in her bed 1-2 times per week. We always start her in the crib. It’s now to where she will typically wake up after an hour. We get her back to sleep but she’s up again within an hour. Same thing 2-3 more times until we just give up and bring her down to our bed since we have to go to work and need atleast some sort of rest. The more it goes on the worse it’s getting. We’ve tried putting her down earlier and later, humidifier on and off, nightlight on and off, rocking her, letting her cry. We’re at or wits end that we’ve created this habit with her. She was 6 months on the 7th. Any advice?