His girlfriend just died and he’s flirting with me??


This past December my classmate Madison sided of Cystic fibrosis. This is basically where your lungs just don’t wanna work. She had already had one lung transplant but needed another one. Unfortunately she never received the new lungs her and our whole community was hoping for.

While she was alive she was dating this guy (not gonna say his name) they seemed very close. He quit job just so he could drive to the hospital and see her more often. He was even there when she died. I remember they said they took her off of oxygen and they said she should’ve only lasted ten minutes. She lasted two hours. Many think it’s because he wasn’t there yet because right when he came, they say she felt comfortable to leave. And he was there at the end of her bed, holding on to her feet.

It’s now been about two months after this has happened but he is already asking me to hangout and flirting with me. Yesterday he said “ you better stop wearing leggings or I’m gonna lose it” then he said I had something in my car, so I looked over but it was just a clever excuse to look at my butt.

I’ve known this guy since I was in elementary school and as far as I know he’s always been a good kid. But can someone be ready to date that quickly after something like that happens? It’s just strange to me because I know I wouldn’t be.