Taking back your baby daddy.


Me and my ex were together 5 years and engaged. We have a 2 year old son together . I'm currently due in a week with our next son . About 5 months back I caught him cheating and kicked him out . Not going to lie it was the hardest thing I ever went through . It wasnt until the past 2 months hes acted as if he has remorse for everything and he tells me he wants to prove himself to me and that he can be trustworthy . I'm keeping my guard up because I dont want to go through that hurt all over again . He has a problem with lying and he told me two weeks ago he had sex with a girl who still talks to him . I mean hes started to become honest and I see that but should I see if hes going to prove himself or not? It's so different cause he is the father of my children and I want a family again . But I'm terrified of it happening again. Anyone gone through this before ?