Stressed before delivery 😭


I’m 39+4 today and totally thought I would have had my baby by now. My first was born at 38+6. I wasn’t dilated at all at my appointment on Tuesday.

My mom was going to watch my daughter for me while I was having this baby. But she broke her arm a couple weeks ago. She was doing fine, but now she needs surgery which is scheduled on Tuesday, one day after my due date. She also had to go to the ER today for a blood transfusion due to low hemoglobin.

My in-laws live in my basement, but they both work full time and my daughter does not do well when being watched by them. It would certainly be nice to keep her at home while I was in labor, but I think I would feel absolutely terrible leaving her with them when I know how upset she gets.

My grandparents live down the road as well, and I know my daughter would be well taken care of with them. But again, she’s never been watched by them without one of us there. I don’t know what to do about the childcare situation now!

And I have to work the next few days, 8 hours constantly on my feet. Totally thought I would be calling in these next few shifts, but looks like not 😭

It was SO much easier the first time I gave birth!