Well here I am again. A couple days late in my period. I’m not testing yet because I feel like my period is going to start. I’ve been cramping for two days. I just don’t want to get my hopes up and be disappointed. I’m RH- so part of me is like test until you start your period and then the other part of me is like wait a week. I just am so worried about losing another baby. I’m on Clomid now. And sometimes things just feel impossible. I’ve been sick and so sadly we haven’t been able to try much this month because I wasn’t in the mood. I had a nasty upper respiratory infection. This time of year sucks! I don’t feel pregnant. I don’t feel like I’m having any pregnancy symptoms.

I just feel tired and not very hungry. With my first pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage I was nauseous and my boobs hurt. And I’m just not feeling that. This post is just to vent because I’m just feeling frustrated right now.