My mom drives me nuts

Amy • Mom to 4 beautiful girls. 3/3/10, 4/27/14, 4/8/17, 3/7/19.

For the most part my mom and I have a decent relationship, but sometimes she says stuff that just makes me wanna punch her.

Backstory - my husband and I have been together since I was 14, so 10 years this past December, married for 7 years this upcoming July. When I was 15 we got pregnant with our first daughter, of course not ideal and therefore caused issues, but we stuck it out and have a wonderful life together, and we’re expecting our 4th daughter here within the next couple weeks.

So I was talking to her about my eldest who’s almost 9 and her attitude and back talk lately and how we had an issue last night and how my husband dealt with her. She starts laughing and says “see God has such a sense of humor, he stole my baby from me and now all he gets is daughters who have sassy attitudes, I think it’s so funny” I just sat there is silence like it’s been almost 10 YEARS since my daughter was born and all this teen pregnancy crap occurred let the damn thing go!!!! She of course proceeds to say she’s joking to which I told her she wasn’t. But just bah I hate those type of comments it drives me nuts!