Confusing baby 😩

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I posted a few days (or so) ago asking for advice/support with my son having a shallow latch - we were struggling (it so I thought) well good news is we are doing better! I don’t hurt as bad, the shields are helping! BUT I now and struggling because I think I have him figured out; for example: if he seems to be sleeping and I break latch he is in fact NOT done and gets angry so we basically start all over. I know he prefers my left breast over my right, if he pulls away mid feed it’s because he needs to burp. NOW - he was waking up twice a night to nurse... last night he woke up every 2 hours. He’s been laying down after feedings, today he’s practically glued to my boob. I was worried he wasn’t getting enough but yesterday at his one week appointment he was actually 2 ounces heavier than his birth weight and the pedi was impressed. Trying to figure out these phases is so hard 😔