IVF Harvest on Monday... need some positivity

Claire • 💞TTC baby #1 for nearly 8 years! Hope it happens soon 💞🇬🇧

I had my internal scan on Wednesday (day 8 of injections) and was told for my age and blood results they where not hopeful to find a follicle or if they found one they where not hopeful it will respond to the drugs. So not very positive.

So we had 3 follicles. A low number but it’s better than none. Heading in the right direction and responding well too.

So today I’ve had another scan to measure follicles sizes.

I found out one follicle hadn’t grown which means I’ve now got two “brilliant sized” follicles... according to the nurse.

They need to be at least 18-20 (dont know units) ... two are 20 and 21. The nurse was very excited! She kept telling me to think positive. Start talking to them. Nothing but positive vibes spoken to them.

She said we’ve got quality not quantity and let’s hope the next stage is just as successful.

Tomorrow I have a three injections including trigger shot.

Monday harvest.

Hoping for one good egg.

Anyone have any advice or tips?

Hoping for a miracle