Scheduled C-section mamas...questions

Amanda • 2 boys 8&10, 3 👼🏼, married 10 years ❤️, 👶🏻 #3 boy Aug 2019!!!!

So...I officially have agreed with my doctor for a scheduled c-section on Aug 19th. My first was sunny side up and his head was very large so I pushed for two hours with no progress, and with his head stuck on my tailbone was having d-cells and ended with an emergency cesarean. My second, the doctor allowed a VBAC, but I went into labor at 35 weeks, they barely tried to stop my contractions and frankly after 12 HOURS acted “annoyed” that I still had them coming so fast and so hard being so early. They decided to break my water since pitocin wasn’t working to get things moving. I labored another 8 hours before an epidural at 5cm and another 5 after that with no more progress. They informed me that it was becoming more dangerous for a preterm baby to be without amniotic fluid for so again...another emergency cesarean was performed.

Here I am pregnant again (thank you Lord!) with my third 9 YEARS LATER and I am devastated with the news of a scheduled c-section BUT I CANT imagine going through vaginal labor and the risk I could potentially put my baby in again so I have agreed with her. I feel like less of a woman 😢 I know this is our last and I gotta be honest, with cesareans I had before, I saw my boys for 2 seconds before they were whisked away for algae tests etc...and I was closed up only to be wheeled off to a recovery room on the surgical floor for almost two hours. I always wanted that full experience- seeing baby come out, baby being put on my chest, having baby latch right away and keep with me while the docs/nurses finish up downstairs. I know I’m not being ridiculous. Is there anyone who has had a scheduled cesarean and have it be pleasant? Was the doc receptive of your wants? Were there things you did to make it better for you and baby? Just feeling alone in my feelings...