Stress mother.


I've been so stressed this new year already. It's been 14 months since my son was diagnosed with autism and I'm having so much struggles with his insurance to stel up their game. I recently changed my sons doctor cus he had no idea what he was doing, I had my sons case manager completely ghost me. Now I'm getting new refferals denied. I an grateful for his new doctor and case manager they are helping a lot and dealing with my constant calls. But idk if I'm losing my mind from all stress or if I'm having a mental break down from all of this crap all round me. My husband has no idea or even cares and brushes off all the work I'm doing for my son. He acts like it's no big deal but it is and says all the time ti people. "We are doing everything" "were getting him into speech therapy" no no no! I am. I am doing all the calls. I have waken up at 8am to get them right when they open so I dont have to wait an hour on the phone. I have argued countless of times to just get them to listen to me. I am dealing with the insurance company. I take my son to the appointment. Is it wrong for me to be up set about that. He does nothing and I do everything. I feel so alone right now that I have to write on here to vent. I cant tell our families cus my husband wants a second opinion, but I'm the one who OS doing everything to get that second opinion. And I cant talk to anyone. All I do is cry to myself so my son or husband doesnt see that it affects me. It does tho, it does hard and I feel like I'm going to break šŸ’”