Lying girlfriend :(

Brooke 🎀

This is going back to 2016! Me and my girlfriend broke up for 2 months. We ended up getting back together. She befriended a girl called Nadia. Now this girl she wouldn’t let me meet for 6 months. I had a gut feeling in my stomach that she was more then a “ best friend” but nope, she swore black and blue there just friends, nothing ever happened. I remember asking if she hooked up with her and she said no. She told me no for 1.5 years. She would see this girl all the time and I was never allowed to come, or meet her! I remember thinking I’m being stupid and I need to stop thinking these things and to put my gut feeling aside!

Fast forward to 9 months ago, I asked her if she ever did hook up with her again and she finally said yes, I kissed her but it was just a kiss, didn’t mean anything. I was really upset by how she lied to me for so long over a kiss when I repeatedly asked her if she ever did anything with her!

I was hurt she lied.

Anyways now last night after we slept together it jus popped Into my head, I said to her “ did you ever sleep with Nadia” and she looked at me and starred and said yes... but it didn’t mean anything, I said I knew it.. I had a feeling in my gut and I turned it away cause she told me she didn’t even kiss her.

Now I remember feeling like shit, I remember trying to always tell my self when she used to go see nadia that I need to stop being stupid.

I said why did you lie to me for so long over this. Then she started getting defensive and yelling and being rude to me!

She used to see this girl a lot of times during the week and yes we were together. I remember asking if I can meet her and come and hang and she used to say no, and sometimes we we argued she used to say “ your never meeting her” and use it against me.

I have been so hurt and upset since she told me this last night.

I feel like everything I was feeling and felt was all true and I didn’t trust my gut feeling.

I feel like this whole thing has pushed me away from actually wanting to be with her. We are trying for a baby... but I feel like I don’t really want to be with her anymore.

This girl and my girlfriend made me feel sooooooo insecure! I knew it from the pit of my stomach.. and I turned it away by what she told me.

What would you do? I feel sick to my stomach... she doesn’t talk to her much anymore cause this girl got a girlfriend and soon as she did, her gf doesn’t let her talk to my girlfriend and I knew it was for some reason but she told me she didn’t know.. she’s just a big fat liar :(