Always remain faithful...

I know that being on this app can make you feel, “what if this happens to me!?”. Truth me told, this app exists because women who struggle need a safe haven. If you keep that in mind, you’d realize that a good portion of things that happen on this app, are NOT likely to happen to you! Took a break for a few weeks to focus on loving MY baby!

I say that to say this, ENJOY YOUR PREGNANCY MOMMA! God has blessed your family and will continue to bless your family.

I spent too much time worried about miscarriages, missed miscarriages, blighted ovums, sporting, cramps, headaches and everything in between when none of that was even happening to me that I forgot to ENJOY my pregnancy.

I truly believed because I have had BARE MINIMUM symptoms thus far that something is wrong, because some random lady on a post believed that no symptoms = bad news.... when truthfully that’s not true at all. Everyone’s body responds differently to pregnancy, so if as of right now my heads not in a toilet, I’m okay with that!

Please enjoy a pic of my bean, measuring 8w2d and heartbeat of 179bpm!

You are so loved little bean! I cannot to find out your gender in a couple weeks!!!! 😍🥰🌈💕

*** this is not to bash anyone who has experienced loss in anyway. I suffered two miscarriages back to back just last year. This is just for the women who are experiencing perfectly healthy pregnancies and are worried because of what they see on here!